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HAPPY Pink day!

14 Feb

Ok its actually Valentine’s Day but i rather call it Pink Day! Mostly everything is pink on this day. And honestly people who don’t have a valentine pretend to be happy they dont but why pretend. Your missing out on it. Its ok to feel a certain way. If your single and just wished you had someone special for today–YOUR NORMAL. I’ve had the same valentine every year. My dad! For some reason I’m always single around this time. Its not like break up with my boyfriends prior. I just happen to never be in a relationship around December, January and February. LOL. It sounds even stranger when i say it out loud. But this is my life *singing*. Now appropriate the day for not just couples for all the pretty pink tings you see and make you smile. Its ok to smile. And roll your eyes when you see a couple showing extreme PDA *Yuck*. Its all good. So to all my single people who love pink. HAPPY PINK DAY!  XOXOX