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Pink me over!

31 Jan

Clearly, everyone knows i love pink. But something that people don’t know about me is; i love interior decorating! I take pride in making my room, simply put a –PINK LIVING space. I say this in the sense of a lot of people think if you have a lot of pink things in your room its going to look childish–i call bullsh!t. That’s not true! Pink it just another color. If you know what your doing it will turn out, Great! At my parents house my room has been called the pink room, the room your not supposed to go in, etc. Not just because i was organizes but because everything had a place. And i would know if anything, i mean anything was out of place. Everything flowed together, in unison. I recently around Christmas time did over my room. I felt before my room YES, was indeed to childish. I wasn’t living in it for a few years so i felt being that i came back i should def. redo it. It took probably about 2 weeks to put everything in place and get the feel of the new room. I did get new furniture. I am only missing only missing one piece but i pretty content. I am thinking of getting a desk tho. I need a better place to finish a few novels i’ve been working on–for too long! Please keep in mind my room is very small but i made it work and gave myself a lot more space in this layout.¬† Hope you like, because i love it! =]

My new room

My new room

My old room

My old room


Back to the future.. but Furrier!

26 Jan

¬†This is my new favorite winter item. I could just be obsessed with this coat. It took it’s time finding me well a month to get shipped to my house –But it was well worth it! It was actually supposed to come for Christmas O_o. While it took its time coming, i took no time falling. It is acid wash which i always loved. The cut of it is pretty nice: Its has about 3 draw/pull strings to make it tighter or looser in three different parts of the coat. The fur is removable!! You can even adjust it to show as much or as least fur. The pockets are in the best position–to me. I like pockets that are mid waist and vertical, at a certain angle. It adds a certain type of swag–hence swag points. This coat gives crazy swag points!